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The video gaming industry is a huge one with a myriad of choices that the passionate gamers can really spend a lot of money if they can afford and are willing to. The hobby of gaming is not just a pastime but can also become an obsession and there are just gaming hardware and accessories that could easily get expensive, so the spending cost can really skyrocket.


Some of the gaming enthusiasts are willing to spend thousands of dollars for their hobby like they would for a house or a car. Die hard gamers who want the most powerful and fastest hardware setup would easily spend thousands of dollars for their hobby. Here are examples of extreme stuff that people would think they are the most expensive gaming hardware, but then the industry is dynamic and new inventions would pop up.


Cruden Hexatech racing simulator ($191,000)


The extraordinary Hexatech racing simulator is to duplicate Formula One and the NASCAR racing experience at the comfort of one’s home. The hydraulic tripod chassis recreates the G-Force effect in a real-life car race.

Emperor Workstation 200 ($39,999)


The Emperor Workstation 200 priced at $40,000 comes with 3 LCD screens, Playstation 3 system, lighting, Blu-Ray player, leather recliner chair, noise-screen headphones and a web camera. All these give the gamer an ultimate level experience for that price.

Nintendo Wii Supreme ($481,250)


The entire world has only 3 Nintendo Wii Supreme that costs nearly half a million dollars each. Weighing 2.5 kilos, it has a 22-karat gold with 19.5-karat diamond beautifying the front buttons.


OrionX PC ($29,000)


The OrionX PC debuted in Computex trade show 2016 in Taiwan. The system is made of two separate PCs in a single chassis. The two configurations are made usable and accessible at the same time, thanks to a Super Flower Leadex 8Pack Edition 2k-watt supply at the tower’s base. The concept is multitasking, such as when the system is working on tasks, the user can still work, watch videos, or edit something on the second system.

Playstation 3 Supreme ($323,000)


The Playstation 3 Supreme has a 22-karat gold exterior that is over 1,600 grams heavy. It likewise has 58 half-carat diamonds decorating its externals. Just like the Nintendo Wii Supreme, only three of these were constructed.


Racing Simulator for VRX Mach 4 ($24,999)


To experience the feel of the real world in the bedroom, the VRX racing simulator is the way to go. Diving in the real world is in its truest sense. It has everything drivers are scared of while driving on a real road. The package includes three 37inch television sets, an LCD screen, a refrigerator, a steering wheel powered by Microsoft,4 X-Box 360s, copies of Forza 3 and a surround sound system.


Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate ($36,000)


The Xbox 360 gold faceplate debuted on Ebay and wanted to add beauty to an Xbox item. It is plaited with a 24-karat rose gold. It completes the transformation of the Xbox, which worth goes beyond the most expensive cars.


Zeus Jupiter PC ($750,000)


The Japan-made ZeusJupiter PC is diamond encrusted and is a product of Zeus computer maker firm. It has a platinum case with solid diamonds arranged like the constellation of stars. Its internals include a 2GB DDR2 RAM, Intel 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU and a 1TB hard disc. It has a gold version as well, at $560,000.

Benefits of a Gaming Monitor

A good gaming monitor should render high performance. The impact of the monitor should not be overlooked as it plays a vital role in enjoying video games. While there are gaming monitor alternatives like television screens as may be hinted at, monitors made for gaming are constructed particularly for fast changing images.

Here are the benefits a gaming monitor can bring you:

More responsive to games

Gaming monitors are more responsive to games as they have better refresh rates which affect input lag. The feature allows quick passing of images to make sure you enjoy the game. This is possible by decreasing the lag with few milliseconds which has a big impact on the images. The term “response time” used in gaming monitors is how fast it can alter on-screen pixels from black and white, then gray to gray.

Reduces scratching or screen tearing

The difference between refresh rate and frame rate may create an artifact or screen tearing, which happens when your computer’s video card spits out the frames because they are more than it can handle or the monitor fails to keep up with the information fed to it. Gamers can notice this screen tearing and find it distracting. This is not an issue though with gaming monitors as they refresh at a much faster rate, eliminating screen tearing every time you play.

Has enhanced motion resolution

A gaming monitor has faster and enhanced motion resolution, which is reflected in the sharpness of images in motion. With higher and quicker refresh rate, it minimizes lack of clarity by offering a lot of data to play in your brain. The result is the reduction of perceived blur. Instances of stuttering or blur while playing your game are no fun, so you should try to get a gaming monitor for a better gaming experience.

Has low input lags

A lag is generally the time between two signals. If one signal takes 10 seconds to go to some place, and the second signal takes 5 seconds, the lag is 5 seconds. Therefore, the second signal lags 5 seconds from the first signal. Lag is the time difference between two signals.

Input lag is the time it takes for the picture generated by the computer to the monitor. Higher lags make it difficult for you to aim, because what you see on your screen is what happen micro seconds ago. This is fine when you are just watching movies, but not if you are playing games. In gaming, an input lag can mean the difference between losing or winning a game, especially in real and fast moving objects.

There should be no need to think about the hardware. This is possible if you get yourself a gaming monitor. Gaming monitors abound, so you get lots of choices. Gaming displays, especially those which are 120Hz and 144Hz have set a new standard in the industry. Players who seek improvement in their gaming experience should consider buying a gaming monitor.

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10 Of The Best PS4 Games Of 2016

A selection of games are now available on PlayStation 4 as several titles arrived to the platform this year. Many of the best PS4 games of 2016 really stand out to have the chance to be in the “Game of the Year” awards season. As 2016 has not ended yet, many potentially amazing titles are yet to come.Here are the 10 of the best PS4 games of 2016:

Batman Arkham VR by Rocksteady ($19)

Many want to be a hero like Batman, and that is what exactly “Batman Arkham VR” does for gamers. This first-person experience offers a superhero immersion that can be completed in about 90 minutes. The gamer solves puzzles and battles with bad guys.

BioShock – The Collection by Irrational Games / 2K Marin ($59)

Irrational Games has compiled three games in one title resulting to a much loved franchise, “BioShock Collection.” “BioShock” provides first-person combat and a storyline mixed with political intrigue in a contemporary masterpiece.

ps4-634334 Bloodborne by FromSoftware ($16.89)

The quasi-industrial era “Bloodborne” has been stylistically interesting, playing like a role-playing game in a hidden difficulty mode that can test the gamer’s patience. That makes victory more rewarding. As a hunter, the gamer makes his way through Yharnam city where a curse turned the locals into beasts. It is not a horror game, but its fights are terrifying with monsters and traps everywhere.

Fallout 4 by Bethesda ($28.99)

One of the games published by its developer, “Fallout 4” is everything. A massively detailed world of looting and shooting with an intriguing story of subplots and side quests, plus a soundtrack that brings life to an already great game.

Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games ($36.98)

Among the best PS4 games of 2016 is “Grand Theft Auto V” – the best golf game, tennis sim, a great racer, a yoga champ and even a serviceable massively multiplayer online game. The three characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin bring out three different perspectives. Trevor brings out the rampage killer in players when they play video games. Michael is a troubled criminal with a dysfunctional family while Franklin is the typical rags-to-riches character.

 Hitman by IO Interactive ($59)

“Hitman” provides a selection of unique global playgrounds for the gamer to wreak havoc upon. The game has been around since PS2, never found footing on PS3 and its reboot for PS4 has huge open-world levels that make it far better than its predecessors. Agent 47 has several opportunities available that have grown crazier each episode.

 PES 2017 by Konami ($57)

Konami has produced one of the greatest football video games ever with “PES 2017.” The game comes with enhanced modes, visuals and mechanics that can carry any virtual player away, making it to the list of the best PS4 games in 2016.

Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment ($59)

“Overwatch” is a first-person-shooter game full of charm and personality that provides a well-balanced experience. This multiplayer that focuses on a diverse character design has a global team of superheroes who once stopped a robot revolution. It has a great number of characters, each with their set of abilities for players to choose from.

Rez Infinite by Enhance Games ($29.99)

One of the reasons to buy PlayStation VR is “Rez Infinite.” It offers an overwhelming and unique experience added to the already visually marvelous game. It revitalizes the way one play games with something better than anyone thought is ever possible.

The Last Of Us Remastered by Naughty Dog ($15.49)

Post-apocalyptic visions of the future are not new in video games, but “The Last of Us: Remastered” has a believable brutal and touching story of Joel and Ellie. The struggles of the characters wrapped around a stellar gameplay seem real that make the gamer uncomfortable but addicted.


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